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Lush, serene, and unpolluted. People from all over the world come to New Zealand to drink in its pristine natural environment. But New Zealand nature isn’t just beautiful to witness. Within every leaf, root, bark, and seed lie extraordinary benefits for skin. With our nutrient-dense backyard providing endless inspiration, we extract these benefits for Antipodes skincare. Here are just some of the reasons why New Zealand nature provides the best ingredients for skin.

It’s full of antioxidants

Antioxidants are your skin’s number one defence against free radicals – the nasties that damage cells, causing early signs of aging. The human body has its own antioxidant defences, but antioxidants can also be found in botanicals like plants and superfruits. Kiwifruit, boysenberry, blackcurrant, and grapes are all examples of antioxidant-rich ingredients.


You'll find ingredients like these in your Antipodes moisturiser, serum and more. Kiwi seed oil, for example, is rich in Vitamin C – an antioxidant that’s essential for young looking skin. Meanwhile, Vinanza® Grape is a powerful antioxidant extract from Marlborough sauvignon blanc grapes. Grown in unforgiving New Zealand sunshine, these grapes have developed high levels of polyphenols. In Antipodes skincare, the extract offers antioxidant protection to keep skin looking healthy.

It has antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties

New Zealand nature has been revered for centuries thanks to its medicinal and therapeutic benefits – a long time before a New Zealand skincare brand came on the scene. Manuka honey, found only in New Zealand, has been shown to contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Some studies have even indicated that manuka honey could be useful in the treatment of wounds


So what does this mean for manuka honey in Antipodes skincare? These properties offer respite from spots and promote a blemish-free complexion. Manuka honey is one of the best ingredients for skin that’s dehydrated, too, because it’s a natural humectant. It draws moisture into the skin so skin stays healthy and hydrated.

It’s ultra-clean

There’s something else you’ll notice when you look on the label of your Antipodes cream. Because Antipodes uses 100% natural ingredients from New Zealand, its formulations are free from toxins. Ingredients such as Vinanza® Grape are sourced through cold water extraction methods which are safe and clean. One of the leading causes of sensitive skin is harsh chemical products – but natural New Zealand ingredients are toxin-free and gentle on skin. 

Five products that use the best of New Zealand nature

Antipodes Apostle Skin-Brightening Serum 30ml

Brightens and evens skin tone.

This organic serum contains Vinanza® Grape & Kiwi: a brightening antioxidant compound from Marlborough sauvignon blanc grapes and kiwifruit skin. Meanwhile, mamaku black fern - New Zealand’s iconic fern – offers regenerative qualities. This brightening serum is certified vegan, too.

Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream 30ml

Softens and firms the appearance of fine lines

Vitamin C-rich kiwi seed oil is the hero ingredient in this anti-aging Antipodes cream, which helps smooth lines around the eyes. It also contains organic avocado oil, which is one of the best ingredients for skin. It’s beautifully hydrating and contains valuable antioxidants and fatty acids.

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask 30ml

Nourishes and addresses blemishes

New Zealand manuka honey is the second ingredient on the label of this luxurious Antipodes cream mask. By addressing spots and hydrating the skin, it promotes a youthful, clear, and blemish-free complexion. 

Antipodes Hosanna H2O Intensive Skin-Plumping Serum 30ml

Plumps and hydrates

Thirsty skin? Give it a drink with this vegan and organic serum for dehydrated skin. Its hydrating power comes from New Zealand natural ingredients like Vinanza® Grape, mamaku black fern, and mineral-rich spring water.

Antipodes Worship Skin Defence Antioxidant Serum 30ml

Protects from oxidative stress

This superfruit serum has a high concentration of antioxidant-rich ingredients, which are some of the best ingredients for skin. Extracts of boysenberry, blackcurrant, kiwifruit and Vinanza® Grape provide the ultimate antioxidant protection. Applied before your Antipodes moisturiser, it’s your skin’s best defence against oxidative stress.  Certified organic and vegan.

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