Collection: Kakadu plum

With 100 times the vitamin C of oranges, this powerful Australian superfruit helps to brighten, plump, and protect skin.

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Kakadu plum

Kakadu plum

Native to Australia, Kakadu plum is a unique super fruit sustainably sourced from the country’s tropical northern regions. Kakadu plum gets its potent antioxidant properties from extremely high exposure to harmful sun rays. The fruit develops a self-defence system composed of powerful antioxidant molecules to protect itself from sun-induced free radical attacks.

As a result of this unique environmental response, Kakadu plum boasts the world’s highest recorded natural amount of vitamin C – 100 times the vitamin C of oranges – making this pale green fruit a gift for natural skincare. Vitamin C combats free radical damage, addresses the cause and effect of pigmentation, and helps to stimulate the synthesis of Type I collagen – key to keeping skin plumped and healthy.

*5300mg per 100g, versus the 53mg per 100g of oranges.