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Here at Antipodes, ‘repurpose, reuse, recycle’ is our way of life. Since the brand launched in 2004, recyclable packaging has been a core part of our green ethos, and we’ve used glass bottles from the start. Since then, our use of sustainable packaging has saved more than 10 million plastic containers from entering landfill. 

The problem with plastic 

Why is plastic such a bad choice for the planet? Plastic is made with petroleum and chemicals that are toxic on the environment. It does not biodegrade, making it the single biggest contributor to volume in landfill. It’s also very polluting to the environment, including oceans and waterways, where it often causes harm to wildlife. 

Even recycled plastics are sadly eventually destined for landfill, making glass and aluminium packaging far more sustainable options. 

Sustainable packaging: Glass 

Antipodes’ premium tinted glass jars and bottles preserve the integrity of the skincare formulations, and glass is infinitely recyclable. Crucially, glass is easily kerbside recyclable in your household collection, and it is also less carbon-intensive to make than plastic. Not forgetting that it looks great on your shelf!  


Sustainable packaging: Aluminium tubes 

Antipodes’ face masks, Reincarnation facial polish, our hand and body creams, and some of our mini-sized products come in luxe aluminium tubes. Aluminium is one of the world’s most recyclable materials – it can be recycled again and again without loss of quality. In fact, 75% of all aluminium ever made is still in use today!  


Sustainable packaging: Aluminium lids 

Lime Caviar Collagen-Rich Firming Cream is the first Antipodes product to feature a plastic-free lid, following extensive research into eco-friendly alternatives. The sleek aluminium lid is kerbside recyclable with a luxe, embossed design, and is double walled for a  premium finish.  

Available exclusively at, it’s a huge step towards reaching our goal of 100% plastic-free across the entire skincare range. 



Sustainable packaging: FSC-approved cardboard 

Our commitment to a healthy planet extends to all parts of our packaging, including cardboard. Cardboard is easily recyclable, but the process of making it isn’t always sustainable. That’s why we only use cardboard approved by the Forest Stewardship Council, sourced from sustainable forests that maintain biodiversity, uphold workers’ rights, and don’t result in deforestation. 

It’s printed with 100% biodegradable non-toxic eco-inks, which are made from vegetables. We’ve also introduced biodegradable wood-pulp tamper seals to our boxes, eliminating the need for plastic shrink wrap on individual jars.  


Recyclable packaging: our sustainability goals  

What’s next? Antipodes’ goal is to achieve 100% kerbside recyclability in New Zealand and Australia by the end of 2023 – we’re already at more than 90%. 

We’re also on a mission to achieve 100% plastic-free packaging – no easy feat, but it’s a mission that really matters to us and we’re proud to have done it with Lime Caviar Collagen-Rich Firming Cream.  


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