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Eye creams are the quiet achievers of the anti-aging skincare world. They hydrate, moisturise, and smooth their way to younger-looking skin.  

Our devotees consider an eye cream a necessary part of their skincare routine. One of their products of choice? Antipodes® Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream. It’s become a bona-fide beauty must-have. This natural eye cream is so popular, in fact, that in 2019 one pot sold every minute, somewhere in the world! 

A Vitamin C eye cream 

New Zealand is famous for the sweet green-fleshed kiwifruit. But what many people don’t know is that oil from the seeds of the fruit are great for skin. Kiwi seeds are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These antioxidants do many wonderful things for skin. They help to protect skin from harmful UV sunlight. They also work to reduce the damage caused by free radicals – the molecules that can harm skin cells. Using a natural eye cream with Vitamin C is important for anyone who wants to get brighter skin. 

Anti-aging effects 

Eyes can be an area of concern for us as we age. Like a tree trunk with its many rings, the skin around our eyes is prone to showing the marks of time. These show up as lines, shadows, Crow’s feet, and bagging.  

A natural eye cream can be your secret protector against signs of early aging. Kiwi seeds have high concentrations of omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help to maintain moisture in the skin and keep skin smooth and firm.  

Antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E help to moisturise and hydrate the skin. In turn, this helps soften the appearance of fine lines. Kiwi seed oil is great news for people who want to be proactive with their skincare before signs of aging appear.  

Nutrient-rich ingredients 

The superfruit that gives Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream its name is only one of its powerful ingredients. It also contains nutritious avocado oil. Packed with antioxidants and omegas, it’s as healthy for your skin as it is on your salad. Vinanza® Grape also appears on the label. This revolutionary antioxidant extract can help improve elasticity and firmness. Nourishing oils like carrot seed oil round out the list to help encourage glowing skin.  

With all these ingredients working together, Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream is more than an eye cream. It’s skin health in a pot. 

Gentle on skin 

There’s another reason why you can find this natural eye cream in bathroom cabinets around the world. It’s gentle and nourishing, so almost any skin type can enjoy the benefits of kiwi seed oil. We especially recommend it for combination skin types. That’s because it has a special blend of soothing and hydrating ingredients. 

Clean skincare from New Zealand nature 
We source our kiwi seed oil from the North Island region of Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand. Here, kiwifruit is raised in rich soil and bathed in warm sunshine. Once the seeds have been pressed to extract their pure oil, the oil is then refined. By using this process, our kiwi seed oil retains the high quality we require for our natural eye cream. We don't compromise its health benefits for skin. 

Validated by experts 

The luxurious texture, natural ingredients, and impressive results of Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream have the world raving. It’s loved by devotees, celebrities, and influencers alike. Pop singer Sam Smith declared his love for the skin-enhancing cream on Instagram.  

Meanwhile, it would be impossible to choose our favourite Antipodes eye cream reviews. One of our favourites is from Katja in Germany. She has a simple message: “This is the best eye cream I’ve ever used.” High praise from those who know good, green skincare. 

Build a routine with kiwifruit 

If you’re looking to build a skincare routine with the power of kiwifruit, you’re in luck. We use this smoothing superfruit throughout our Scientific Green Beauty™ range. Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream fits easily into a kiwifruit skincare routine. 

Get started with three more Antipodes products that contain kiwifruit for healthy skin: 

Juliet Daily Balancing Gel Cleanser 

Soft and supple skin starts with a cleanser that contains antioxidant-rich kiwifruit. Our low-lather gel cleanser is a nourishing way to cleanse skin and brighten skin at the same time. It’s suitable for most skin types, especially oily skin. 

Apostle Sensitive Skin Renew Serum

If you have uneven skin tone or dull skin, we recommend using a serum to brighten skin. Our sensitive skin renewing serum is an organic serum that contains Vinanza® Grape and Kiwi. This powerful antioxidant extract combines New Zealand sauvignon blanc grapes and kiwifruit. Rich in Vitamin C, it’s an excellent ingredient to address pigmentation. Best of all, this natural skin serum suits most skin types. 


Harmony Manuka Honey Day Cream 

We recommend a natural moisturiser with the benefits of manuka honey and kiwifruit. The rich yet light formulation of this light day cream is especially suited to oily skin types. That's because manuka honey has antibacterial properties, which help to remove blemishes and calm skin.  


If you're looking to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, a natural eye cream with kiwifruit is a wise choice. Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream is full of ingredients rich in antioxidants. It's beloved around the world, and a staple in many a natural skincare routine. Apply at sunrise and sunset over moisturiser to discover the benefits. 


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